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Orleans Custom Cape

Captain Dean, Orleans

As the 1990s drew to a close and Walter and Carole Ostapchuk prepared to retire, the burden of maintaining two homes began to wear on the couple, and other factors caused them to reassess their seasonal resident status on Cape Cod. Then, in 2003, construction began on the lot next door. As they watched their neighbor’s new home progress from foundation to framing and then to finish details, they were impressed by both the design and the workmanship. They invited the builder, Everett Boy of REEF, Cape Cod’s Home Builder, to visit their property and discuss ideas for renovation. “We had extensive discussions about remodeling versus raze and replace,” Boy recalls. The cost of remodeling often exceeds the value of trying to salvage an older structure, he explains. Moreover, starting with a clean slate affords more design freedom, with the ability to include proper headrooms and incorporate greater spaciousness. “They wanted a structure more substantial and modern in its design, with open spaces and some drama,” he says. Nothing in the house was “plumb, level or square,” Walter says. So the decision to tear down quickly emerged as the obvious choice.

Entering the front door, a cozy office to the right affords a place to close the door and work quietly on a personal computer, with daylight streaming into the elevated windows looking out over the front yard. Directly across the entryway is the formal dining room, with its long rectangular table and dramatic brass chandelier with coordinated wall sconces. In the front hall, a regal grandfather clock stands as sentry, flanking the door to one of two full bathrooms on the main floor.

The entry hall leads straight to the living room at the rear of the house. Vaulted ceilings and the back wall lined with Palladian-style windows, extending nearly floor to ceiling, maximize the incoming light and water views from the rear of the home.

“Even on a dark, drab January day, we don’t need to turn on the lights because of the amount of natural light coming through the windows,” Carole says.

The room’s contemporary furnishings include a comfortable sectional sofa and plush accent chair with matching ottoman. Encircling the large fireplace, both seating units are upholstered in neutral fabrics. The large wool area rug, which anchors this tall vertical space, is trimmed in the same fabric as the accent chair.